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Users can manage their suscription and auto-renewal by checking the user's account settings after the purchase in the App Store. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscritpion period. Get to know everything about the best basketball game one step at a time. This way it'll be easier to play your favorite competitions. Start enjoying this new version now!

Good fun addictive game but it is kinda hard to make money you have to use actually money to get virtual money but fun kinda know if you are going to lose or win by the team rating maybe make it just a little bit more challenging in that respect cause I know if I am going to win by the way the biding is really cool but I noticed you can win the player if you just watch the whole time if you don't the computer will bid against you if you don't watch but I got good players from this tactic I use those are thoughts and suggestions on your game best and favorite game ever to play I am glad someone actually thought of a management NBA game.

Please someone help me with the app. I bought a base level Kevin Love in the auctions and after spending a lot of timing trying to level him up I finally got him to Last night when I tried to improve him from at which it told me he would be about a rating I woke up this morning for him to be a level 19 basescore I tried to submit a claim but each time it told me the number is wrong.

Can someone please direct me to an email or something this is very frustrating. You think they would want the app to be user friendly. All in all this game is good,but the trade system is that bad,with such limited choices of players to buy or bid,how am i suppose to upgrade my player to the next planet if their dupes is never shown up in the trade? It offers a unique gameplay that you have never experienced before. It lets you a chance to open your exotic restaurants, cook delicious food, attract customers with brilliant dishes smell, and earn lots of money by serving food.

The story follows the female protagonist named as Flo, as she returns to her home to visit her grandma named as Florence. Upon reaching, she discovers the beautiful place has become a ghost town. The protagonist decides to use her special skills to restore the town by enhancing the restaurants at all the popular places. The player takes on the role of the protagonist and starts the game with the Zoo, where the protagonist and her grandma return to find the zoo.

It has various levels with increasing difficulties and the primary objective of the player is to fulfill the requirements of each level to progress through the game. During the gameplay, the player must drag the customers and drop them on chairs, take their orders, and serve the meal to earn money. As the player progresses through the game, the number of customers will be increased. It serves as the sequel to Tropico 2 game and takes place in the Pirate Island.

It offers a different gameplay compared to its previous title. The player must establish a pirate island and assume the role of the king. The ultimate task is to keep the pirates happy while stealing their booty to progress. The game is played from an isometric perspective, and the primary objective of the player is to establish a city, control the workers and build different structures to expand his empire.

The player has to gather resources and offers shelters to pirates. Earn enough points to unlock additional content including levels, buildings, and resources.

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With exciting gameplay, smooth controls, and different sound effects, Tropico 2: Pirate Cove is the superb game to play. The game lets you manage your television channel and struggle to take your channel to fortune and fame. To expand your channel, you have to hire skilled staff, select advertisers, hire actors, and participate in other activities to earn money. It has several levels and you must effort to make your channel successful. Decorate your office using different items, accessories and unlock upgrades to earn more money. The game introduces up to five-thousand playable teams from fifty different nations.

You act as the manager of the soccer team, and your primary goal is to establish your football club, create a team by selecting interactional players and customize those using different accessories like a uniform, and more. Each team has its unique abilities and characteristics, and the player must use their special abilities to dominate the playground.

The game is explored from a top-down perspective and the player must deal with his team and score the highest points compared to the opponent team. Worldwide Soccer Manager brings an exciting gameplay based on Sports genre and lets the player show off his football abilities by scoring the highest points against multiple teams. It mainly focuses on Football Management and the player assumes the role of the main character, who is a manager, with a task to establish a club and a team to participate in multiple matches. In this title, the player can customize the appearance of his manager and can enjoy two different modes such as Fantasy Draft Mode and Create-A-Club.

To start the game, the player to create a club, or select already created club, choose the best players from around the globe, and customize his team to look unique and represent his nation in the tournament. During the customization, the player creates his clubs with unique kits, stadiums, logos, and can transfer budgets.

The player has to support his team to raise its abilities, and let it to win a cup for the player.

Legacy Management Games

The primary objective is to score the highest points within a limited time against rival teams while defending his own. With brilliant features, addictive gameplay, and wonderful graphics, Football Manager is the best game to play. The game mainly focuses on Management element, and features a variety of teams, players, and clubs from around the globe. The player explores the game from a top-down perspective and control his team to victory.

There are more than five-thousand teams available from fifty countries each with unique statistics, and attributes. It introduces new elements such as a Media Section, a Revised Interface and the Physio Room offers the accurate injury data. Main objective of the player is to score the highest points as compared to his rival opponent and complete the match within time limit to win. As the game progresses, it becomes tough to master. Worldwide Soccer Manager offers addictive gameplay, brilliant mechanics and superb visuals. The game offers a thrilling gameplay, in which you have to manage your colony and control the colonist to discover technologies, gather resources, and expand the colony to progress.

There are different levels, and the main gameplay comprises of survival elements. In the colony, everything is in your control, from power and plumbing system to resource and excavation allocation. You must command your worker to dig fast if you want to live or survive long in the game. Produce food and keep the inhabitants always fed to survive. Create an interlocking pipe system to deliver liquid and food to complicated areas of your base and get rewards to progress through the game and unlock additional items.

Oxygen Not Included is an incredible game for those players who like playing base-building simulations.

Best sports games for PC

It offers an exciting gameplay and introduces a variety of vehicles to wash, repair, clean, color change, and wax. Open your shop, and deal with crashed cars, repair them to earn money and use them to purchase different tools and equipment. There are eight different types of vehicles presents.

The game takes place in the 3D world, containing up to forty levels and upgrades. You assume the role of the mechanic and your task is to offer up to fourteen different services to your customers.

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  • As the game progresses, it becomes challenging. There are different levels and each level requires a completion of certain goals. Complete daily missions and expand your company. Complete the customer orders and earn money to upgrade tools, equipment and further items.

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    The Universim is a City-Building, Sandbox, Resource Management, and Strategy video game with god-game elements created and published by Crytivo Games for multiple platforms. The game takes place in the world of The Universim and introduces a dynamic weather system creatures by the procedural planet generator. In the game, the player has an ability to control a planet and its creatures.

    The primary objective is to build different structures place in various buildings, craft useful items and keep the creatures happy to gain positive points. The only Single-player mode is supported in the game, and the developers of the game feature static environment with breathing and living world. During the game, the player interacts with environment and objects to progress and can customize everything using his abilities. With immerse gameplay, smooth controls, customization, and more. Try it out and have fun. Since , GM Games is a media organization focused on sports management games.

    We cover video games for team sports that require a successful GM to shape the direction towards a championship franchise. GM video games are available and evolving on multiple operating systems and devices.

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    We are inclusive of all developments and companies designing games that best simulate this reality experience through technology solutions. GM Games is your source for sports simulation games. Read More. Score 9. Simulation GM Games are evolving on multiple operating systems and devices. GM Games Chris 21 Sep, am. Australian Football Coach has been added to the list here, as well a download link to steam has been added on the main gmgames.

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