Standard toolbar missing in excel mac

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Open the Preferences folder. Click View , click Arrange by , and then select Name. If you locate the file, drag the file to the desktop. If you cannot locate the file, the application is using the default preferences.

Reset Menu Bar

If you locate the file and move it to the desktop, start Excel, and check whether the problem still occurs. If the problem still occurs, quit Excel, and restore the file to its original location.

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Then, go to the next step. If the problem seems to be resolved, you can move the com. If you locate the file, move it to the desktop. If the problem still occurs after you follow these steps, the problem is not related to these files.

How to Hide an Excel Menu Bar for Users | Your Business

If the problem no longer occurs, one of these files was causing the problem. If this is the case, restore the files to their original location one at a time.

Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Standard toolbar has disappeared. It is ticked in the View-toolbars menu list but is not displayed. I have read other posts which say to click the oval icon in the top right hand corner - but there is no oval button on my Excel menu bars! Any help gratefully received as the formatting pallet is cumbersome to use - it frequently is either over part of the worksheet and in the way or half off the screen.

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Are you sure there is no pill shape button in the upper right corner? See the screen shot through the link - I put a pink transparent circle on the pill shape button, each window n a Mac has a button like that. It's on the main Excel window.

Standard toolbar has disappeared

My mistake - it is Excel I am running I have running on Parallels so didn't bother to upgrade to 08 on mac Oh ok in the toolbar is not docked in your window so thats something different. The Detect and Repair dialog box will open.

There are two. If you have created custom shortcuts in Excel and want to keep them, make sure to select Restore My Shortcuts While Repairing. If you do not, Detect and Repair will remove those shortcuts. Selecting the Discard my Customized Settings and Restore Default Settings option will restore several settings to default, such as the Office Assistant, recent entries on the File menu, and menu or toolbar customizations.

Once you have made your selections, click Start and wait for Detect and Repair to find problems and hopefully fix your greyed out standard toolbar. If the standard toolbar is missing from Excel, there are several steps that can help you fix this problem. First, make sure the standard toolbar is. Go to View , point to Toolbars and make sure Standard has a checkmark beside it. If it does not, click on Standard and the standard toolbar should now be visible in Excel.