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Safari for Mac does allow you to view the source code of a webpage; however, it does not work like Chrome or Firefox. To view the source of a page in Safari you need to first unlock a hidden menu in the browser.

Turn TextEdit Into an HTML Source Viewer with a Simple Settings Change

It should be the last one in the menu on the top. Checkmark the box for the option, and the menu should instantly be added to the menu bar in the browser.

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The Develop menu is now unlocked in Safari on your Mac. If you plan to access the source code of a number of webpages, you may want to use a keyboard shortcut as it will be much faster than clicking an option in the menu bar and selecting another option.

How to View the Source Code of a Webpage in Safari on Mac

The option for viewing the source code of a webpage has also been added to the context menu of Safari. If Safari is your primary browser, and you happen to be someone who is interested in viewing the codes behind various webpages, the guide above should help you do that without requiring you to leave your favorite browser. Skip to content.

They have been tested under Mac OS X version We will be building everything from scratch using the source code, and not use any available package managers like MacPorts , Fink , Gentoo or RPM. Packaging can be done later, once it has reached a more stable release. You need a free developer registration with Apple first, in order to log in there. For Mac OS X You can download " automake Download libtool source.

Turn TextEdit Into an HTML Source Viewer with a Simple Settings Change

The following instructions will overwrite your current version of libtool with the one you just downloaded. Note that this will replace the system version of glibtool, which might have some compatibility issues with building other software. If you are building for Mac OS X You only need the sysroot parameter on PowerPC Macintosh, not on a Intel Macintosh The "-arch i -arch ppc" is what tells the compiler to build a "universal" or "fat" binary. Usually it's easiest to build one version for "powerpc-apple-darwin8", and one version for "iapple-darwin8", and then merge them with " lipo ".

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To avoid having the Code::Blocks user having to compile or install wxWidgets themselves, we can bundle it with our application so that it is contained in the application bundle. This could also be done by statically linking wxWidgets, but with dynamic linking we can share the wxWidgets library between all applications using wxWidgets not just Code::Blocks. This way it will first look in the framework path -F , and then in for the shared library path -L as usual.

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  • You need to use the newer version of automake see above , for the "bootstrap". OS X Unless you have a "proper" pkg-config installation the Code::Blocks configure will fail, so move this symbolic link aside.