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Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

OSX as Transparent Wifi MITM Proxy

Screenshots iPhone iPad. Aug 28, Version 1. Ecoolman , Bdemeria , Abe Ala , Information Seller XK72 Limited. Size Category Utilities. Charles is designed to mostly set itself up during the install. You can add new rules in here that tell Charles where to send traffic based on the hostname, protocol, and port.

The basic settings for an http site hosted locally on port that you wanted to access using a browser via charlestest.

Charles Proxy on Cellular Networks - Ad Ops Insider

That may not be desired behavior depending on the brevity of your testing URL. I usually just have two entries: one for www and the other without.

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This is the IP address of your test computer as far as the local network is concerned. You can find this out from system settings or a command prompt. At this point you should be able to access your mapped domain via a browser on your local machine where Charles is running and everything should be working.


Now the magic of getting your mobile device to use your machine as a proxy. All the networking headaches mentioned earlier in the article have built up to this point. If your mobile device and your host computer running Charles are on the same network and can talk to one another, you can go into your devices network settings:.

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Tap "About," then "Certificate Trust Settings" at the bottom. On an Android device, the file should immediately try to download on your device. If it doesn't, you may get a prompt asking to download it, in which case you'd hit "Download.

Then, the certificate window will pop up, where you'll want to name the certificate something like "Charles Proxy CA. Note that you will need to have ay DNS-based ad-blockers disabled on your Android device in order to install the certificate from Charles Proxy. Also, later on when analyzing the data, having your ad-blocker turned on again will only mask the traffic, so it's best to keep it off until you're down using Charles.

You're not done just yet. There's one more step before viewing all the data coming and going from apps. You'll need to configure Charles to enable SSL proxying for all hosts. Leaving the Host field blank will create a wildcard for you. And now that you're all set up, open an app on your smartphone to see what kind of data they're sending! Depending on what kind of web traffic is being generated on the machine running Charles, it can be hard to tell what requests are coming from a phone or not. Charles automatically modifies your network settings to route HTTP traffic on your computer through the proxy, but it's pretty simple to change that manually so you only see phone traffic.

In macOS, you can change this in "System Preferences. On a Windows setup, you'll need to open up your "Settings.

Debugging iOS Apps with Charles Proxy software

Unlike with Macs, you will not need to do this each time after restarting Charles. I chose to test this on something I use pretty often, Strava, a fitness-tracking app that lets users record and upload data for workouts.

Add the Charles Proxy Root Certificates To Your Laptop

When I open Strava on my smartphone, I see a number of hostnames, i. By expanding these and inspecting in the "Contents" panel on the right, you can see exactly what information these apps are sending to manufacturers and third parties. I recognized one of the entries for Strava as a commonly used analytics platform and decided to check it out.

More About Proxies

This isn't very surprising, knowing how much info these apps can harvest, but it was interesting to see it all laid out in plaintext. Keep an eye out for requests to known app analytics companies.

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  7. A few of the more popular ones include Segment, Fabric, Flurry, and Firebase. Ad providers also receive a pretty creepy volume of tracking data and can be a good place to look as well — you can often tell what these are by the hostname. For the most part, the data being sent and received by apps is usually innocuous. Anything going to an address that looks like api.